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Recruitment is a make-or-break deal, and we don’t want you coming in blind.

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We strongly believe that our specialization sets us apart from our competitors.

At Curran Daly & Associates we strongly believe that specialization provides greater reliability and accuracy when recommending candidates, as well as enhancing the quality and speed of service provided to clients and job-seekers.

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Quality With Sense of Urgency

Quality profiles as early as 24-48 hours after calibration.

Relevant Candidate Information

Customized candidate reports for easier paper screening.

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Information on market trends affecting your roles

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Guaranteed wide network of quality candidates

Specialized Recruitment Towers

Dedicated recruiters who are SME’s in the job families they support


Here are some things to consider.

  1. Have you assessed your internal candidate pool?
  2. What are the key challenges for your organization and your industry for the next 12 months?
  3. What is the job brief? Have you reviewed the job description to ensure that it accurately reflects both the role and competencies required of the applicant?
  4. What are the key drivers for this business area?
  5. What are the key objectives for the next 12 months for the new hire?
  6. When looking at the background of the preferred candidate, can you focus on what is essential, as opposed to “nice to have” or preferred qualities?
  7. Are there any key initiatives that are to be implemented in the near future?
  8. What is the compensation package? Is there a company bonus? Is there an individual bonus? Are there any other non-monetary benefits, e.g., gym membership, etc.?
  9. What will be the interview process? Who are the decision-makers?
  10. Who are the key stakeholders? Will they be involved in the interview process?
  11. Have you procured a purchase order number or received sign-off from the relevant department?
  12. Do you have a sales pitch for the candidate on why your company should be a preferred employer?
  13. What interview style will you go for, i.e., behavioral or informal? Has this been communicated?
  14. If there is a panel of interviewers, will everyone be prepared with questions and understand the interview process?
  15. Have you got pre-agreed dates when everyone can attend?
  16. Have you identified career-progression opportunities for the new hire?
  17. How long is the probationary period?
  18. Who will train this person and is there an induction plan in place? If not, who will be accountable for planning the induction?
  19. Have you got the resources or tools for this person to join your business?

If you have answers to all of these questions, then you’re ready to recruit. Please contact us so that we can organize to meet and discuss your needs in detail.

The team at Curran Daly & Associates are experts in providing assistance and feedback on your job briefs to ensure the best fit and a quick turnaround in finding the right candidate for your business needs.

Curran Daly & Associates will set up a face-to-face brief with decision-makers to understand your culture and environment. This way, we can best represent your business.


  1. We agree on a key recruitment solution.
  2. We confirm the sourcing activity.
  3. We commence the candidate search.
  4. We customize the behavioral interview to be conducted with identified candidates.
  5. We provide a report which includes a short list of candidates. Experience and expertise per qualified prospect will be highlighted.
  6. We organize interviews with the short-listed candidates on the client’s behalf.
  7. We conduct reference checks on the preferred candidate, and whenever necessary at least, organize testing and/or background checks.
  8. We give guidance and support to successful candidates from the resignation-and-notice period, whenever applicable, to hiring proper.
  9. We provide constructive feedback to all unsuccessful candidates.
  10. Successful candidates start.
  11. We walk you through a structured follow-up procedure after the appointment.
  12. There is a replacement guarantee up to three months post-hiring to ensure ongoing after-care.
  13. We conduct regular follow-ups with both client and candidate during the first three to six months of employment.
  1. We study your organization.
  2. We establish expectations and a communication plan.
  3. We develop position specifications.
  4. We formulate the search strategy and have it approved by you.
  5. We research and identify target environments.
  6. We identify and recruit prospective candidates.
  7. We conduct evaluation interviews.
  8. We show you a progress report before proceeding.
  9. We do benchmarking and afterwards present qualifying candidates.
  10. We ask you to choose from our short list.
  11. We conduct reference checks.
  12. You choose successful candidates and conduct interviews with them.
  13. We assist in structuring an offer and in conducting negotiations.
  14. You seal the deal with your choice candidates.
  15. We conduct regular follow-ups in succeeding months after the placement.
The majority of candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill your vacancy are not actively applying for advertised positions in the marketplace. They can only be contacted:

1) through friends or network referrals;

2) through a recruitment agency who has their contact details on their

3) through a recruitment agency who has their contact details on their database; or 3) through an automated search where they have been identified as a suitable fit.

4) through an automated search where they have been identified as a suitable fit.

Our research, coupled with feedback from various organizations that support us, say that when you put up a job ad on the web or in the newspaper you will only attract 5% of the total pool of candidates with the necessary skills.

Using a recruitment partner will increase this pool to 35% of the total candidate pool, but out of that 35%, the recruiter will know which of these candidates are in the top 15% of performers based on market knowledge.

In a nutshell, a majority chunk of the candidate landscape remains inactive, followed by a considerable fraction who is only passively looking, with a surprisingly thin slice devoted to those who are actively looking, lagging last.

Recruitment problems keeping you up at night? Reach out to us with your talent challenge.  

Leverage our comprehensive and up-to-date database and top-shelf recruiters and consultants.




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