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Curran Daly and Associates has been in the executive recruitment business for a decade. Coupled with CDA’s specialization in executive recruitment, CDA mastered its methodology in finding “hard-to-find” business leaders and other expert talents. With locations in Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and now in Vietnam, CDA nurtures a vast network of executive talent across Asia and the Pacific.

Do you need top-notch talent? We know where and how to find them. 

We know South East Asia.

We’ve been here for a decade and we nurtured a vast network of talent in Asia and the Pacific.

Geographical Spread and Networks
Geographical Spread and Networks

CDA has representations in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, and now, in Vietnam. This enhances our geographical spread and ability to manage relationships in different locations. Our network of contacts and relationships extends throughout the region.

Extensive and Up-to-date Database
Extensive and Up-to-date Database

Our geographical spread and network of contacts have been instrumental in allowing us to provide an extensive and up-to-date database, which over many years has become the foundation for our search activity in different markets.

Specialization and Genuine Partnership
Specialization and Genuine Partnership

Our approach to sourcing people with relevant skills and experience embraces both advertised recruitment and search. We believe that our search process is enhanced by specialization. At the executive level, we regularly speak to executive talent and business leaders based in locations all throughout Southeast Asia. We also make it our business to know our clients’ business.


Expertise. Methodology.

We have the expertise through:

  • Our intimate knowledge of trends,
  • Our fine grasp of people movements, and
  • Our scientific approach to each marketplace.

Moreover, we’ve got top-shelf headhunters and consultants who do not only excel at sourcing talent but also in giving pragmatic advice to both candidates and clients.

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We are experts in finding business leaders.
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