Strong Analytical mind. MS Project Management System- ERP System- Powered by Oracle

ERP SYSTEM- ORACLE APPLICATION- Project- Cost Control Administration & Construction Management Systems/ Material Management Receiving  Inventory Control Systems & Logistics

Financial Project Control Monitoring Systems.


Directs and overseas all activities related to Finance- Treasury operations and Cash services. Assist in the management of the Center’s Financial resources ( e.g. Investment activities and strategies and recommends Investment options ) and cash management . Ensures optional utilization of funds for increased value and earnings at a minimal risk and provide strong liquidity for the operating expenses of the center.


Highly proficient in Management particulaary in controlling and monitoring Cash flows, Proficient in maximizing the use of cash resources.


Proficient in Financial resources- Planning, Organizing, Systems monitoring and evaluating, analyzing and allocating resources.


Proficient in Financial forecast using sound quantitative and qualitative tools’ Highly skilled in liaizing, coordinating and networking with financial institutions for benchmarking purposes.


Highly excellent Leadership skills, oral and written communication skills, Inter- personal and client orientation skills and proficient in computer software application (Word processing, spreadsheet, Database search engine)

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Accountancy/ Management Industrial @ PSBA- Manila, Philippines
Jun 1985 — Apr 1990
Budget and Planning- Cost control for CAPEX/OPEX- Hotel Operations.

Prepares Financial Management report Cash Flow Analysis and Projection
Hotel Daily Audit Reoprt Operation Analysis

Prepares Daily Trial Balance Reportt- Hotel Operations: Financial Statement (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Analysis) Cash position report, Revenue Management Report for proper presentation during MAN-COM/EX-COM and Board of Directors meeting.

Prepares monthly statistic report and Trend Ratios with comparative against possible Market competitors. Hotel and Restaurant Operations ( Complete with Graphical Presentation ).

Conduct feasibility studies on Market Trend Movements, Management Information System as well as Marketing Intelligence survey and also Project site inspection and accounting. Hotel & Restaurant Operations including Travel Packaging Operations.

Formulates Financial and Accounting Procedures and Control covering Personnel, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Production Reports and other administrative function- Hotel Operations.

Prepares Monthly BIR/SSS/Pag Ibig/PhilHealth monthly/Quarterly Remmittance report- Hotel Opeartion Administrative and Legal compliance requirements.


Cost Control- Project- Planning Control Department- Engineering @ Petroleum Chemicals & Mining Co. WLL
Sep 2015 — Mar 2018
Construction Large Scale Capital Project- Fadhili Gas Program
Client Saudi Aramco- Tecnicas Reunidas- Spain. Contractor- PMT

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