Professional Manager
Professional Manager

Dennis Legaspi is a professional manager who has successfully blended corporate management with public administration.  He has a degree in Management Engineering and a Masters in Management. He has the ability to use his top management training in various situations.  He sees to it that any undertaking is managed scientifically and efficiently to attain the set objectives or achieve the mission.  He at one time headed an I.T. firm’s operation in Singapore as Managing Director.  He was also employed by international organizations as systems expert.


He has more than twenty-five (25) years broad experience in systems consulting, project formulation, systems development, systems integration, and training.  Eight (8) years of total government service with three agencies, the Presidential Management Staff, the Department of Agrarian Reform and the Office of the Press Secretary.  He was shortlisted for the position of Deputy Secretary General, ASEAN Secretariat in 2008.  Career Executive Service eligible and among the topnotchers of the Management Aptitude Test Battery administered by the Career Executive Service Board in the 90’s.  Extensive management systems consulting experience ranging from small entrepreneurial concerns to multinational enterprises.  Had a brief stint in Papua New Guinea (1989-1991).  Provided systems consulting support for business establishments and various projects of the Papua New Guinea government.


Has special interest in the concept of a utility firm for information technology in an intelligent city.  Wrote a graduate thesis on the topic of technology parks and intelligent cities.   Made presentations on "Information Operations (IO) as a Tool of Stabilization Operations in Counter-Terrorism" for Cornwallis IX:  Analysis for Stabilization and Counter-Terrorist Operations, Stadtschlaining, Austria, May 2004 and “Examining the RP ICT Imperatives”, BSA Regional Innovation Forum 2006, Bangkok, Thailand, May 2006.


He is a generalist among specialists and a student and proponent of decision support systems.   He received academic appointments from the Ateneo de Manila University (Management Engineering and Computer Science), University of Papua New Guinea (Graduate Mathematics), Miriam College (Business Management), and the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center where he was Associate Director.

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