Experienced Human Resource Practitioner

Extensive exposure in Human Resources, both in corporate and sales HR -- Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Training and Office Administration.

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Master in Business Administration @ UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS
Jun 1995 — Jun 1997
MBA Candidate


Asst. Vice President – Sales Recruitment & Training Dept. @ SMDC
Jun 2018 — Current
*Handles the recruitment of sales people for the 3 sales channels; In-House Sales, International Sales and Local Broker Network. Ensures the timely replenishment of manpower to aide in hitting the sales quota set by the Company
 Strategizes on how to source new recruits from different avenues (i.e. job fairs, piracy, online posting)
 Oversees that the onboarding training program for new recruits are always updated
 Supervises in the formulation of training modules for the Continuing Development Program of the sales people and ensures that all gaps are bridged thru the customized training modules formulated for each sales channel
 Oversees the evaluation of each sales person that is due for contract renewal by way of extracting their sales production from SAP
 Ensures the timely and accurate submission of payroll advice to the Payroll Dept.
 Handles seller’s disciplinary action notices and cases filed against them

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