End to End Experience on HR with strong HRBP Skills, recruitment, Employee Engagment Succession Management and Pooling
End to End Experience on HR with strong HRBP Skills, recruitment, Employee Engagment Succession Management and Pooling
  • 3/F , 304 Cischo Building , Delgado Street, Mabolo, Iloilo City, Philippines
  • February 23, 2018

I have more than 15 years of Legal and Corporate experiences.

I also experienced working for culturally-diverse multinational companies like, HGS ( Indian), AT&T ( American); and Magnetic Alliance PTY in Australia.

Former Executive in a Makati and Houston, firm, KRC,  whose role is ,Legal and Corporate Officer and  Executive Assitant to President and CEO. While assisting the chief and the corporation in many executive capacities.

Thereafter, I transitioned to become a consultant of Innovate, and one of our client, after working as thier Branding,  Business Development and, Recruitment Consultant; hired me to be SBU of their 1st site outside Metro Manila.

As former SBU (Lead HRBP) with many other corporate roles in HGS in Iloilo City, who did not only managed their flagship account, but also their two other accounts; the following are the highlights of my more than 5 years with them:

  1. Helped manage the site for 7 mos while we are in search for Site Director
  2. As an SBU , we at the HR are the foremost driver of culture , with policies we apply putting in mind local culture, we were able to retain 85%-90% of our people; when we were hit 3 retrenchments
  3. The highest rating Trainer for 5 years in a row in our on-boarding process.
  4. Created almost 80 leaders on our site before leaving it through a unique succession planning and pooling
  5. Provide best life-work-balance by managing our year round employee engagements
  6. Managed our 1st ever CSR activity

I was hired by Magnetic Alliance , worked and trained for a month there, and the highlights of my brief work with them is impacting , as:

  1. I helped improve speed of thier payroll process, from as late as more than 20 days to REAL TIME
  2. Improve vetting and recruitment process, which added security to our business process since 95% our employees in AUS and PH, though they can work in the office ; but most of the time they work at home
  3. Provide my Austalian Principal linkages with PH business leaders and work as their go to guy  in growing their business in PH

I was also a former director of iXL Solutions working in a brief consulting capacity.

On the side, for FREE,  I work as director of iFIT ( Iloilo Federation of Information Technology). The value I added to this NGO is helping tech companies understand our competencies for them to set up site(s) in Western Visayas. This is my contribution to the industry that has been kind to me.

Currently I am on the last leg of my contract with EXL as their Corporate Executive Consultant.

Phone Number
09177748808 , 09090228795


Law @ University of Iloilo , Bachelors Degree in Masscommunication
Feb 2018 — Mar 2018
I finished my Laws in University of Iloilo, and Per En Banc Resolution No. 038-2001 ; law is a Masters Degree. While I finished my Bachelors Degree in Masscommunication; in La Salle Bacolod prior thereto.


Managing Partner @ Alerta Consulting
Sep 2016 — Current
Note: This is my current work . I can furnish comprehensive resume upon request.

As independent consultant, my services caters to assisting K/BPO locators in conducting due diligence in two best Next Wave Cities in the country to conduct business for IT-KBPO; or if not set up a call center operations.

More importantly, I guide them with their Branding, Advertisement, and PR needs. I also assist them with their Corporate, end-to-end HR; and Legal needs, as well as their recruitment needs on the said cities and regions. I also help my clients in mapping out Sourcing/Hiring Strategies.

I am also their go to guy when their business requires corporate and government relation’s services.

Companies engaged:
1. EXL Services/ Cognizant (Vida Arciaga) from 2014 to the present
2. IXL Solutions from 2016 to the Present
3. Magnetic Alliance Pty. Limited (Adelaide, NSW , Australia)
4. Solid Gold Corp, from 2016 to present
4. IFIT 2015 to the present
6. HGS 2008 to 2015
7. Innovate 2017 to 2018

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