Experienced in VMWare
Experienced in VMWare
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Infrastructure Analyst 2 @ Citibank NA ROHQ
Jun 2014 — Aug 2018
• Deploying of mandatory applications and their critical patches on XEN/CAP servers, to keep the CAP environment up-to-date and secure from vulnerabilities or exploits.
• Responsible for deploying business required applications on the CAP servers as per their requirement.
• Part of my role is to Release a standard package such as Microsoft Office Tools, Flash Player, Acrobat Reader. Plan to schedule, creation of the package and coordinate in the business groups.
• Analyze the package group need to deploy specially in the policy added in the package group.
• Submit a Change Request for the deployment of packages via Service Now and attend a meeting for Change Advisory Board (CAB) Approvals.
• Update FAQ documents to serve as guide in processing BAU request.
• Deploying of mandatory applications and their critical patches in Horizontal Dynamic VDI for Windows 7 (RADIA) and Windows 10 (SCCM).
• As part of my role being assistant manager, I provide some guidance and leadership in our team member or staff vendors.
• Train a new member of the team and lead the weekly meeting.
• Part of our role is to provide SLA metrics to the staff vendors.
• Provide basic troubleshoot if the package failed to install in Citrix Xen Servers.
Service Engineer / IT Specialist, @ PERSONAL COMPUTER SPECIALIST, INC
Nov 2011 — Jun 2014
Has been assigned at Citibank NA ROHQ and handles the following roles:
• Mass Deployment of Convergence Package (Microsoft Application, Patches, Security Bulletins) submitted by CATE for Thick Desktop and VDI in Global Region.
• Handle global deployment for Business Application in all Thick Desktop and VDI Machines.
• Submit a Change Request for the deployment of packages via Requesting for Change (RFC) and attend a meeting for Change Advisory Board (CAB) Approvals.
• Provide a support in the package that failed to install in the machines.
Dec 2010 — Nov 2011
Has been assigned at Cognizant and handles the following roles:
• Administering and Maintaining Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller, Active Directory, DHCP and DNS services.
• Basic Network Troubleshooting.
• Handle Group Policy Management.
• Managing/Maintaining Virtual Machines.
o Build virtual machines using Stagenet applications.
o Handle Remedy ticket or creating a ticket for WINTEL Request.
o Installation of Software/ applications (Manually or using a Tactical Manager).
o Troubleshoot and fix software applications.
o Power management for Virtual Management using VMware Sphere Client.
• Installations of local machines and printers.
• Attending Conference Call during outage onsite.
• Installation and Configuration of Nortel/Avaya IP Phones.
• Creating Phone, Software and Desktop/Laptop Inventories.
• Updating McAffee DAT files.
Aug 2008 — Dec 2010
• Manage a VR/Virtual Request of the user in the Citibank to deploy applications request.
• Application nesting or make a new group for the server application in CITIBANK.
• Troubleshoot / fix application if the deployment failed.
• Provides technical support for Vista/XP.
• Monitor or Tracking for Pointsec application.
• Provides computer names for Engineers who build a machine. Dial into client systems as required to verify the reported service item, and to deploy fixes as needed.
• Escalate and advocate as required to meet client needs for issue resolution.
• Provide regular status updates to clients for all outstanding issues.
• Provide detailed explanations to clients, including root cause and corrective actions taken prior to closing the case.

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