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Whether you’re already a recruiter yourself or want to be better your recruiting skills for your organisation, there’s always room to grow and improve yourself. In this post, we take a closer look at what makes a great recruiter. Are there certain skills that makes one more successful than another? Let’s see shall we…

Communication Skills

Recruitment relies heavily on effective communication, so it’s important for the recruiter to be good at communicating both face to face, as well as via phone/email. The best recruiters can amplify communication between employers and candidates, simply through personalised communication. They speak in a language that’s frank and straight to the point, but also sincere and genuine. Certainly, one of the most important things a great recruiter should be, is a great listener! You need to listen carefully to both the jobseeker and your organisational needs. The more you listen, the more you find out. Understanding what your organisation and jobseeker is looking for, the easier it is to find the perfect match, allowing you to make better decisions and improve future recruitment for similar positions.

Confidence & Relationship Building Skills

A great recruiter is assertive and has confidence. The key word being assertive as they’re not aggressively confident but are confident in themselves and the job they are recruiting for. The best recruiters are extroverts. A great recruiter is a “people” person, as they have to deal with a variety of different people on a daily basis. This person has to be a great connector, and loves to meet new people, and intuitively should know how to use every opportunity to network and to turn it into business results. Therefore, it’s crucial to have relationship building skills. They will allow you to build trust and attract candidates as jobseekers more easily. Also, don’t underestimate a good relationship built with jobseekers. If they’re happy with how you’ve recruited them and your organisation, they are more open to recommending your organisation to their friends and family too.

IT Skills

In connection with marketing, one such way is through social media. These days everyone is on social media, and as a recruiter you need to be where the people are at!  There’s a large talent pool out there, and finding it may require knowing to use an applicant tracking system or conducting online video interviews. Being familiar with various social media recruitment strategies and IT technologies gives recruiters an edge. 

Multi-tasking & Time Management

Since you would be dealing with multiple candidates at a time, that means you need to juggle different activities at different stages for each candidate. Keeping in mind where you are at with each of these candidates is important in order to stay on top of things and work efficiently. Having great time management is essential because certain positions need to be filled urgently and getting your priorities straight is paramount.

Marketing & Problem Solving Skills

A big part of the recruitment process is marketing. How will your promote this position to candidates is highly important. Your convincing, negotiation and selling skills are important to do so. People don’t turn up to their interviews? Not finding a suitable candidate for that hard to fill-position for a long time? Great recruiters will know what to do and think of creative and innovative solutions to any scenario.

Do you think there are other essential skills needed for recruiting for your organisation? Share your thoughts with us.

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