Born between the years 1997-2012, Gen Z is considered the youth of today. With their unique talents and ingenuity, they indeed are the future shapers of the economic and business landscape. If you are planning to attract Gen Z workers to join your organization, here are some tips on making your company more attractive to this group of young and driven people.

Attracting and Retaining GEN Z Talents

According to studies, Gen Z is attracted to workplaces that promote an inclusive and diverse environment. This is the generation that values occupations that align with their moral and social values, so if you are looking forward to attracting Gen Z workers to your business, be prepared to implement some changes. If you can meet their needs, Gen Z will be your most loyal and hardworking employees.

To attract and retain Gen Z workers, you will need to understand what they are looking for in a job so you can make the necessary changes. Careful planning for this new generation of the workforce will not only help boost your fill rate, but it will definitely help promote your business in many ways because this generation is the savviest on the internet, has more entrepreneurial aspirations, and is very skilled in the tech arena.  Having tech-savvy, independent, and ingenious employees can propel your business to tremendous success.

4 Tips on How to Attract Gen Z Workers to Your Business

  1. Keep up with the Technology

Keep in mind that Gen Z heavily relies on technology. They usually have the latest gadgets, have the latest apps for almost everything, and are exposed to all the wonders that technology can do. This means you need to invest in your company’s social media presence if you want to get their attention. Sub-par website, inconsistent branding, and lack of relevant or enticing digital footprint turns a Gen Z off like no other.

Update your website, automate your current recruitment process, and step up on the social media game. Post ads on diverse channels because Gen Z will not read hiring ads on printed newspapers. Also, if you have reviews on your website, all the better. This new generation will not spend their precious time running after a job with a company that does not have even a single review.

  1. Make Work-Life Balance a Priority

Gen Z people can be highly independent and do not like the idea of traditional 9-5 jobs. This means flexible work schedules and opportunities to work remotely must be on the plate. Your recruiter should highlight these things during the hiring process in order to capture their attention. With so many current work opportunities that allow remote work, a job that requires them to commute and sit in a cubicle for hours will not entice them.

Because Gen Z value their independence so much this means that they have mastered the skill of ownership and accountability when it comes to working. This is in order for them to maintain such freedom to pursue other interests without compromising their responsibilities.

  1. Recognition for Doing Amazing Jobs

This does not just include competitive compensation and company perks; this means letting them know that they can expect a regular feedback from senior management. As much as they love independence, employee engagement is a must for them to feel valued and motivated.

Bear in mind the Gen Z is open-minded to changes in society and may be sensitive to injustices. It means that as an organization, you must be an advocate for equality in all areas. When they feel that a company’s values are aligned with their beliefs in life, you may have earned some of the most loyal talents.

  1. They Love a Good Challenge

As young as they are, Gen Z is highly competitive and look forward to personal and occupational advancement. Make it clear during the first hiring stage that the company will invest in their development. With more people pursuing higher education, Gen Z is at the forefront of achieving new educational heights. Being likely to come from parents with college or bachelor’s degrees, they know the value of academic and career advancement; many of whom take online courses to earn or develop new skills.

Providing Gen Z with opportunities to level up their skills can benefit both the talent and the organization. If a Gen Z talent feels valued, they become loyal to their employers and guess where they will apply what they have learned? Who will benefit from all these acquired knowledge and skills? Your business. This is how Gen Z can propel your business to new heights.

Attracting Gen Z to work for you will be different compared to what you did for the Gen Xers and the millennials. Different but highly doable. This time it is more about transparency, efficiency, and values.

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