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Curran Daly & Associates is a specialized executive search firm which values specialization above all. We believe that authority stems not from reputation and standing alone but from real, unassailable knowledge, from indisputable mastery.

Executive Search

This search solution is best for organizations looking to hire expert professionals for “C-level”, VP, Country Manager, Director, Executive and Managerial roles.

IT & Analytics Search

This recruitment service is designed for all IT, software, technical, and digital positions. Let our experience, technical recruiters find the tech talent you need.

Engineering Search

If you are looking for engineering roles and need recruiters who know the nitty-gritty of engineering roles, this recruitment services is for you.

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Things You Need to Remember to be a Better Boss

Things You Need to Remember to be a Better Boss

Managing people is such a great opportunity, a gift, even. Imagine being given a chance to lead, equip, and motivate people to strive for success. An enormous responsibility which, unfortunately, not every boss can fulfill. To be a boss or a leader is a role that no...

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How to Attract GEN Z Workers to Your Business

How to Attract GEN Z Workers to Your Business

Born between the years 1997-2012, Gen Z is considered the youth of today. With their unique talents and ingenuity, they indeed are the future shapers of the economic and business landscape. If you are planning to attract Gen Z workers to join your organization, here...

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Tips to Help Make Zoom Meetings Better for Everyone

Tips to Help Make Zoom Meetings Better for Everyone

Do you dread Zoom meetings? Do they give you technical anxiety? Do not fret. Chances are, the other participants in your zoom meeting are feeling the same way as you. The good thing is, there are things that you can do to ensure a more productive and effective zoom...

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Make Social Media Work For You, Not Against You

Make Social Media Work For You, Not Against You

Written by:  Graeme Deegan Social media is a fundamental part of our lives now and nearly everyone below the age of 90 is on at least one social media platform. Some of these platforms are business oriented and others purely social. Not so many years ago, a well...

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Digital Transformation in The Workplace and COVID-19

Digital Transformation in The Workplace and COVID-19

We have to admit, this pandemic has already disrupted the business world and put many companies in a position where they have no choice but to reassess their digital strategy. The pandemic has significantly influenced the way companies run their businesses and...

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Why Employees Don’t Speak Up

Why Employees Don’t Speak Up

Management may not know, but the topic on speaking up at work has been positively correlated to the success of a business mainly because it affects everything from employee morale to innovation. Here are some reasons why employees are hesitant to speak up their mind...

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