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Why use the retained solution?


It is essential to understand the fundamental difference between a retained and contingent (success-only) approach.

When adopting a contingent/success-only approach, it is generally accepted that a company has engaged various partners to work on the opening (which may also extend to their own in-house team).

Hence, recruitment partners are only incentivized to present candidates who are actively looking for a role. It also increases the risk that the recruiter will adopt an “all care and no responsibility” approach to ensure that they focus on the assignments with a greater probability of delivering a result.

A retained search, which is exclusive to a single partner, is a process that is both systematic and rigorous. It aims to identify all the potential candidates for a role, both active and passive candidates, and it stands to reason that some of the most suitable candidates will not actively be looking for another opportunity.

CDA’s retained search process involves a combination of approaches including tapping our in-house database, online research, telephone sourcing, and using our well-established and extensive network to open doors to a high number of connections. It also means that we are incentivized to truly partner with our client and remain committed until an appointment is finalized, no matter the challenges of the assignment.

The CDA Difference


Tenured, Well-Connected Consultants

Guaranteed wide network of quality candidates

Quality With Sense of Urgency

Quality profiles as early as 24-48 hours after calibration. 

Relevant Candidate Information

Customized candidate reports for easier paper screening.

Consulting Services

We deliver information on market trends affecting your roles.

Specialized Recruitment Towers

We have dedicated recruiters who are subject matter experts in the job families they support. 

Advantages of Using the Retained Solution

The key points of difference in terms of the service provided under the retained model are as follows:


Speed to Hire

Retained assignments are prioritized ahead of contingent assignments we are handling, thus the speed to hire is maximized given the assignment becomes our key focus.


Role Brief

We sit down with you to discuss absolutely everything there is to know about your company and the role, with the ultimate aim of preparing a very detailed brief which provides all the information any self-respecting candidate would be keen to understand before they decide if the role and the organization is for them.

Once these discussions are complete, a detailed position brief is prepared, a draft of which is shared with our client, thus giving our client full ownership of the information to be shared with candidates.


Weekly Report

We issue a written report on a weekly basis which provides all the relevant information you need in terms of the candidates we are talking to, including market intelligence feedback, the companies researched, candidates identified as suitable, those who are not suitable, not available etc.


Replacement Guarantee and Post Placement Review

The retained model comes with an extended guarantee period for additional peace of mind.

In addition, all candidates successfully appointed under the retained model undergo a regular post-placement review up to their first 12 months in the role with feedback provided to our client.



For searches that are confidential or sensitive, we strongly recommend the retained solution. This way the opportunity is properly represented in the market via a single message, giving the Client greater control over information that is shared. This preserves confidentiality, while at the same time, enabling the search to proceed.

Benefits of the Retained Approach – Summary


A single partner representing you in the marketplace


A longer replacement guarantee period


The role is prioritized ahead of the non-retained assignments we are handling


A detailed job brief shared with candidates


A detailed market research report


An introduction video will be provided for each candidate endorsed


Confidentiality if and when it's required

How the Payment of Fees Work 

Retained Approach Payment Structure

Whilst the fee is ultimately calculated as a percentage of the final ‘actual’ Annual Remuneration Package, for the purpose of the 3 stage payment plan we would initially use an assumed Annual Gross Salary figure*, with the final payment (Stage 3 ‘Balance Owing’) based on the actual Annual Remuneration Package, adjusted to deduct the Stage 1 and Stage 2 payments.

* This assumed figure would be based on discussions during which an approximate figure would be agreed.


The 3 stages of payment under the retained approach would be as follows:


Stage 1 — Commencement (TBC%)

Invoice No. 1 issued upon commencement of the assignment

Stage 2 — Acceptance of short list (TBC%)

Invoice No. 2 issued once the client has accepted the short list of candidates

Stage 3 — On completion of assignment (Balance Owing – Figure TBC)

Invoice No. 3 issued upon completion of the assignment (i.e., official start date of the candidate).

Executive Search Approach; Retained Assignment

We will work with you to agree a timeline that best suits your business. Whilst the specifics are dependent on various factors, as an example the standard timeframe involved from the presentation of a shortlist through to the job offer stage can range from 8 to 12 weeks.

Our preferred way of managing timelines is to work with you in setting meetings and commence interviews within two weeks of beginning the executive process. This ensures timelines are met and all stakeholders are available and committed to the successful completion of the process.

  • Meet with relevant stakeholders and agree timeframe
  • Discuss the strategic, commercial and operational context for the role
  • Prepare or update Position Description and define Key Selection Criteria
  • Prepare the Assignment Brief to provide clear expectations, ensure assignment success and minimize risk
  • Identify relevant and capable candidates with skills as described in the Position Description
  • Conduct detailed market research of competitors and other relevant organizations, including contacting our extensive network of senior-level sources
  • Initiate search of public and in-house databases
  • Written report on progress of the assignment, including market intelligence/feedback, companies researched, candidates identified and next actions
  • Competitive candidates interviewed (using behavioral and competency-based interview techniques)
  • Assess suitability according to experience, competencies, leadership skills and strategic and cultural fit
  • Provide access to our digital platform, Engagement Hub to view the reports on recommended candidates, assessing key skills and experience, motivation, compensation, and availability
  • Meeting between Curran Daly + Associates and our client to discuss and agree a final shortlist for client interview
  • Support our client with designing the interview process, including best practice techniques for interviewing candidates
  • Assist our client and candidates with the logistics of arranging interviews
  • Consultants to support the interview process and participating if required
  • Prepare comprehensive referee report on preferred candidate, including contact with superiors, peers, and subordinates
  • Confirm academic qualifications and membership and prepare Due Diligence Report
  • Facilitate process for offer of employment
  • Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates

Undertake post-placement reviews at regular intervals with our client and the successful candidate during the first 12 months after appointment.

Case Studies

Curran Daly & Associates works with a variety of companies to help boost their business and maximize their return. Our retained executive search specialists provide a wide range of expertise from finding the best executive candidate to retaining key executives.

Take a look at our case studies below to find out how Curran Daly & Associates successfully sourced the right executive to match our clients’ unique business requirements.

After an acquisition of a company based in the Philippines, the company’s CEO decided to explore new opportunities. An Australian-owned Business Process Outsourcing company decided to tap Curran Daly, our Australia-based head office, to find a new CEO in the Philippines.

With the goal of expanding their operations in the Philippines, our client enlisted the help of Curran Daly & Associates to find a new Country Manager with enough leadership experience that will be capable of driving their business operations beyond its current size and capacity.

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