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Aug 5, 2015

personeelset pixabay 2For sure you’ve heard about what an important role social media plays in today’s modern society – vastly transforming the way organisations are able to communicate with their stakeholders, customers and you guessed it, their employees.

Not only can social media lower-costs in connecting to these people, but they also generate referrals. According to Deloitte (2012), referrals are the highest-rated source of new hires and it’s far easier for employees to share jobs through social networks.

There are nearly 2.1 billion people using social media around the globe (Bullas, 2015) – in that statistic alone you can already see so much potential and opportunity if you’re able to curate your brand’s presence online effectively. In this week’s blog post, we focus on recruitment and how to use social media as a tool for attracting candidates.


Going Social

From friends of friends who work at an organisation, to Instagram photos showcasing glimpses of company’s culture and life, there are a number of ways for candidates to find out more about future employers. Currently, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for recruitment. 93% of employers use LinkedIn to source potential employees, contact and keep tabs on candidates in the hiring process (Bullas, 2015). Facebook and Twitter are the main channels that recruiters use to showcase employer brand – 65% of recruiters surveyed by AHRI (2014) use Facebook and 47% of recruiters use Twitter to post about company culture.


Start where the people are and join the conversation!

The key to social recruiting is to figure out where the people are – particularly, the people you need for your business. Browse sites thoroughly to get a sense of the people who use the site: large social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook offer access to a larger database; while industry-focused sites and blogs offer a smaller, more specific audience. Join any member-created groups that are relevant to your business and industry and pay attention to the conversations happening in those groups.


Set up designated accounts on social media

Dragonfly (2015) shares a great tip – “keep your B2B, B2C and recruitment initiatives separate”.

L’Oreal, for example, understand that their customers are interested in seeing beauty-related content pop up in their newsfeeds, not job roles, so they have separate career accounts to target potential talent.The organisation uses a dedicated recruitment website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to market their jobs, posting specific positions, as well as written, photographic and video content to demonstrate what it’s like to work for the world’s biggest beauty brand.

For smaller businesses, you may not need to invest as many resources in to your social recruitment strategy but every business should be taking their online employer presence seriously.


Content Strategy

Social recruitment is largely a long-term strategy to expand the pool of talent available to you rather than a last-minute initiative to action when a position needs filling. With this in mind, set aside a couple of hours each week to build your online presence as an employer. Set up your recruitment accounts, post interesting content about the activities/news happening within your organisation and make a conscious effort to make connections with professionals and recruiters to grow your online and offline network.


Here are some ideas to get you started on content sharing:

  • A-Day-in-the-Life. What’s it like to work at your organisation? Give people an inside glimpse. Share interviews with your employees, tours of the building and team profiles.
  • Industry News. What’s going on in your industry? The people that you want to work at your organisation are likely interested in this information.
  • How-To Information. How to excel in your industry. Share information that will help people be more successful in your organisation.
  • Job Openings. Don’t forget that this is ultimately a recruiting tool. Have a job opening? Let people know about it.


What do you think about social media as a tool for recruiting? Share some ideas of some successful strategies you’ve implemented in your organisation.



By: Curran Daly + Associates


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