With every day that passes, the world leans more towards digitalization. It’s not only a recommendation but a requirement for work. With everyone in self-quarantine mode, many people are trying to shift to an online career.

The same goes for conducting job interviews. Face-to-face meetings are often not possible, and voice calls are sometimes not enough. To help you prepare to conduct an effective remote video conferencing job interview, here are a few steps you should take.

Check the Technology First

Conducting an online interview is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes the connection might be unstable, or maybe, the program you’re using is suddenly not working. Whatever obstacle might arise, you should prepare for it.

An effective way to prepare is to do a test run. Familiarize yourself with how to use video conferencing programs such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. It’s also best to double-check your tools. The camera, microphone, internet connection, and more should be functional and ready.

In case of an error still popping up, have a backup plan. For example, while not ideal, you can still utilize an audio app instead. Doing so consumes less bandwidth and may be sufficient for the first interview.

Plan the Meeting

Communication is vital in online meetings. An interviewer’s job is not only about the screening process; it’s about the planning and preparation as well.

Set proper parameters to follow, such as the specific time and date. Let the candidate know what platform to use and if anyone else will be in the interview. Other screening details should also be precise.

By keeping the candidate informed, you will be able to evaluate them more thoroughly. It also builds a professional relationship between you and the candidate. This is ultimately better than creating unnecessary confusion and unease during the interview.

No Distractions

Speaking of professionalism, make sure there will be zero distractions. Cancel out any loud alarms or message alerts. If you’re busy corresponding with many people,  notify them about your interview schedule. In this way, no one will interrupt your time.

Lastly, don’t interview in a noisy place. There’s nothing more distracting than cars honking outside, or dogs barking over your voice.

If you’re conducting a video interview, dress professionally. It’s also best to have a blank background and reduce unnecessary movement in front of the camera.

Do a Complete Assessment

One of the challenges of online interviews is the assessment. It can be tricky, especially if you can’t meet the prospective candidate face-to-face. This is why a complete, pre-planned, and in-depth evaluation is essential.

Exercise a clear protocol on screening online applicants. The interviewer should initiate skill-based challenges such as writing tests, case studies, and other situational analysis methods. These are all possible online and will help confirm that their skills and experience align with the job requirements. It also tests their approach to work.

Another way of practical assessment is to look at their past work. Ask for some samples, or better yet, a portfolio of their best work. This method allows you to examine their past successes and what they can contribute to your team in the future. Hiring an individual is not only based on their experience, but also on how they will fit in the company as an asset.

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