Executive Search

Our premiere search and headhunting service for executive and managerial roles in the Philippines.

Are you looking to hire business leaders and managers? Then, you are probably looking for a trusted executive search firm in the Philippines.

In our years of experience in executive recruitment in the Philippines, we learned that top-level executives and managers are not fond of submitting resumes to job boards and websites for consideration. This means that you have to personally seek them out.

The best option is to tap these passive candidates using headhunters. This is exactly what our premiere headhunting service will do for you. With our wide geographic reach, a vast network of professionals, and top-of-the-shelf headhunters, we guarantee to help you solve your executive recruitment needs in the Philippines.

Curran Daly & Associates’ Executive Search Service is our market leading service to recruit the following roles: CEOs and other C-level executives (COO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CMO), Vice President, Directors, Principals, and other managerial roles in the Philippines.

Let us help you solve your recruitment needs now.

Leverage our comprehensive and up-to-date database and top-shelf recruiters and consultants.


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Quality With Sense of Urgency

Quality profiles as early as 24-48 hours after calibration.

Relevant Candidate Information

Customized candidate reports for easier paper screening.

Consulting Services

Information on market trends affecting your roles

Tenured, Well-Connected Consultants

Guaranteed wide network of quality candidates

Specialized Recruitment Towers

Dedicated recruiters who are SME’s in the job families they support
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