Trusted, Sought After Headhunter in the Philippines

We are the most trusted, go-to executive recruitment and search firm in the Philippines. Our experienced, well-connected headhunters have helped global organizations solve their recruitment needs. Know more about how we can help you.

Curran Daly and Associates is a trusted executive recruitment firm based in Manila, Philippines, with affiliate offices in Sydney, Australia, and Hong Kong.


At Curran Daly and Associates we believe that specialization provides greater reliability and accuracy when recommending candidates, as well as enhancing the quality and speed of service provided to clients and job-seekers. We provide solutions that are relevant and timely; and we are able to consult on the challenges facing our clients in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

Our services cover sourcing through to contract signing, executive requirements down to the frontline management and specialized finance, HR, IT, and analytics roles.

Our Core Values


Dedicated to delivering our best in all that we do.


We take responsibility over our work and performance.


Going the extra mile for others with a sense of compassion.


We observe honesty and transparency with our clients and candidates.


Openness to change and stepping out of our comfort zones.

The CDA Difference


Tenured, Well-Connected Consultants

Guaranteed wide network of quality candidates

Quality With Sense of Urgency

Quality profiles as early as 24-48 hours after calibration. 

Relevant Candidate Information

Customized candidate reports for easier paper screening.

Consulting Services

We deliver information on market trends affecting your roles.

Specialized Recruitment Towers

We have dedicated recruiters who are subject matter experts in the job families they support. 

Here's how we do it.

We treat each application, each search, like a personal exchange, not a cold business transaction.

We’ve been here for a decade and we nurtured a vast network of talent in Asia and the Pacific.

Geographical Spread and Networks

CD+A has representations in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. This enhances our geographical spread and ability to manage relationships in different locations. Our network of contacts and relationships extends throughout the region.

Extensive and Up-to-date Database

Our geographical spread and network of contacts have been the key instruments in allowing us to provide an extensive and up-to-date database, which over many years has become the foundation for our search activity in different markets.

Specialization and Genuine Partnership

Our approach to sourcing people with relevant skills and experience embraces both advertised recruitment and search. We believe that our process is enhanced by specialization and we make it a point to regularly speak with executive talent and business leaders based in locations all throughout Southeast Asia. We also make it our business to know our clients’ business.

Our Team

At Curran Daly & Associates, our people are our most important asset. We understand that the best people make for quality results and so we help our team members thrive today and support them in building the Curran Daly & Associates of tomorrow. We do this in a number of ways – via training and shared learning experiences in and out of the office, awards and recognition for going the extra mile and staying true to our core values – Committed, Accountability, Integrity, Flexibility, and Altruistic. Through these practices, the CDA team can bring timely, relevant solutions to the challenges our clients are facing.

Geoff Curran

Geoff Curran

Managing Director, Australia

Geoff Daly

Geoff Daly

Managing Director, Philippines

Margaret Agustin

Margaret Agustin

Senior Manager for Human Resources, Process Excellence, Operations

Kevin Fitzgerald

Kevin Fitzgerald

Director, Executive Search

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