Strategic Executive Search: The Key to BPO Brilliance in the Philippines

Last updated Feb 12, 2024
  • The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry contributed immensely to the Philippines’ economic and employment growth. 
  • With the expected growth of this sector, BPO company leaders must take action as early as now to find highly qualified executives. 
  • BPO leaders should be innovative and adaptable. They also need to be an effective communicator and a level-headed decision maker with a collaborative and result-oriented mindset.
  • The thorough executive search process can help you find the best of the best amidst the ever-changing BPO landscape. 
  • You can ensure sustained success by recruiting BPO leaders through executive search.

The Philippines was among the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets in 2022, thanks to the massive contribution of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Over the past decade, this sector experienced significant growth, especially in payroll, administrative, customer support, and back-office operations. 

With the population’s low cost of living and proficient English skills, it’s no surprise that the country is one of the leading destinations for outsourcing. The BPO sector contributed nearly $30 billion to the local economy in 2019. This industry also gave job opportunities for over 1.3 million Filipinos across 1,000 BPO companies in the same year.

The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) expects that the industry will have a 7-percent revenue growth in 2024. The IBPAP also pledged to generate 2.5 million jobs and $59 billion in annual profits by the end of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s term in 2028. 

At this given trajectory, BPO company leaders must step up their games as early as now. We cannot overstate the importance of effective leadership for an industry as dynamic as BPO.

Although finding highly qualified executives can be daunting and challenging, a strategic executive search can help you find someone aligned with your company’s values, culture, and long-term goals.

The Power of Leadership in BPO

Leadership shapes the quality and performance of any organization. However, the competitive nature of the BPO sector leaves little to no room for staying still. 

To drive growth and maintain an advantage, you need an executive who doesn’t only meet current demands but anticipates future obstacles. After all, leaders are supposed to steer the team and company toward sustainable success. 

If you’re looking for a BPO executive, here are some leadership requirements we believe you should consider!

1. Innovation and adaptability

Executives must identify and leverage emerging technologies like automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Since the industry is diverse and continuously evolving, they must sail across these changes to streamline workflows and improve operational processes. 

Furthermore, client demands differ over time, so an adaptable approach is a must-have quality! Leaders should tailor services, customize solutions, and enhance existing policies to guarantee long-term customer partnerships. 

2. Effective communication

Local and international clients are often involved in BPO operations, so leaders need to bridge possible cultural and linguistic gaps. They have to propose projects, discuss requirements, and address concerns effectively. Clear and concise communication is pivotal to gaining and maintaining clients’ trust.

Additionally, executives must convey timely and accurate information in times of crisis, such as a technical issue or a service disruption. It’s also their job to reassure employees, customers, and other stakeholders that the company will deliver promised results.

3. Data-driven decision-making

As we all know, costs, metrics, and performance indicators drive the BPO sector forward. Therefore, executives must always track and assess information to optimize workflows and reduce inefficiencies. In turn, data-driven decisions refine service quality and ensure high satisfaction levels.

Analyzing data also aids in monitoring progress and recognizing room for improvement. Furthermore, this type of decision-making helps leaders allocate resources—including infrastructures, human resources, and technology investments—accordingly.

4. Collaborative and result-oriented approach

BPO companies are composed of multiple departments. Hence, leaders should make sure that teams work together seamlessly for consistent and excellent services. When the whole company understands its goals, employees can keep each other in check and adjust processes to attain desired results.

With a collaborative approach, leaders will also celebrate team wins and acknowledge individual performances often. This can boost morale and create a workplace that values and rewards a job well done.

When your BPO leader has these four attributes, your company will surely provide better services and team performance. Employees are more motivated when there are clear goals, relayed information, effective communication, well-thought-out decisions, and a progressive work environment.

Integrating Executive Search in the BPO Landscape

In the competitive BPO industry, highly qualified leaders are like a needle in a haystack. These piercing individuals are difficult to find amidst this ever-changing market, but we promise they exist!

A strategic executive search can become your partner in seeking executives with the skillset and creative power necessary to become an agile and innovative BPO company. This powerful tool is a specialized recruitment method that aims to find the best of the best.

Want to understand the executive search process? Here’s how it goes!

1. Define leadership criteria.

You should conduct a thorough needs assessment internally to understand the specific leadership requirements you’re looking for. You can also establish company values, cultural attributes, and business objectives you want to promote and align with.

2. Leverage technology in executive search.

When you work with an executive search firm or consultant, they will use advanced technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence to find a candidate suited for your needs. With these tools, scanning resumes and evaluating expertise can be done in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, online platforms and professional networks can help your consultants expand their scope of executive search. Incorporating technology will not just give you an edge against competitors, it will also diversify your pool of candidates. 

3. Identify and assess candidates.

When your consultants identify potential active or passive talents with a proven track record in BPO leadership, they’ll reach out and persuade them to consider your company. They’ll use their knowledge of market trends and industry benchmarks during negotiations with candidates. 

Once consultants capture the interest of various talents, they’ll conduct in-depth evaluations, including psychometric tests,  skill assessments, and competency-based interviews, to ensure that the candidates’ leadership capabilities aren’t only remarkable on paper. 

4. Conduct client interviews.

After accumulating pre-screened candidates, the consultants will present a shortlist to you and your BPO company. You’ll look into the talents’ qualifications, job experiences, and overall suitability for the leadership role. 

From there, you’ll choose a few professionals who stuck out the most. You’ll have an interview with these candidates, giving you enough time to examine and interact with potential leaders. You can also gauge how well they fit into your business’ culture during this step.

5. Select the final candidate.

When you choose someone you want to absorb into your company, your consultants will conduct reference checks to verify the talent’s professional background, leadership skills, and performance in past positions. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t 100 percent certain who you should pick at this stage. We’re sure your consultants will offer insights into the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and alignment with the preexisting leadership criteria. 

6. Support the onboarding candidate.

The job of an executive search firm or consultant doesn’t end at helping you make the final decision! They’ll also assist you in crafting a tailored onboarding strategy for your chosen executive.

Apart from ensuring a smooth integration into the BPO company, they’ll aid in setting expectations for both parties. In addition, consultants can assign an onboarding mentor to support the new leader during the initial phases of their role.

7. Follow up and evaluate the process.

Your consultant will also conduct follow-up sessions with the newly appointed executive and the BPO company to assess their satisfaction. They’ll also address any post-placement concerns to ensure a long-term partnership. 

Moreover, they can track the success of the executive placement by establishing and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) in line with the initial business goals. 

Why BPOs Should Get Executive Search Services

A strategically executed executive search combines industry expertise, traditional recruitment methods, and thorough evaluation with today’s technological advancements. This approach can help you identify, evaluate, select, and onboard highly qualified leaders.

Undeniably, through executive search, you can achieve sustained growth and excellence. Your company can have leaders who bring years of valuable skills, insights, and experience to navigate challenges and opportunities effectively.

Executive search firms have extensive networks and databases of top-level executives, making it easier for you to find highly qualified candidates. They can also attract passive professionals who may not be out in the market.

Additionally, consultants are familiar with the latest trends and challenges in the BPO industry. With their onboarding support and follow-up sessions, you can be assured that top talents aren’t only hired, but retained. 

When you’ve found your needle in the haystack, be sure to nurture it! After all, stability will guarantee continuity in delivering high-quality services to your clients. 

Final Thoughts

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has become a cornerstone of Philippine economic development. Over the past decade, the sector generated millions of revenue and job opportunities for Filipinos. 

As the industry continues to flourish and prosper, there’s a need for BPO companies to take recruitment to the next level. As early as today, businesses must find leaders who can lead their companies toward sustained growth. 

One way to find highly qualified executives is through strategic executive search! This approach assists you in hiring the best of the best by leveraging technology and conducting in-depth assessments.

In the quest for success, effective leadership is not just an option, it’s a requirement. By seeking help from an executive search firm or consultant, you’ll continue to thrive in this thriving yet cutthroat industry. 

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