Transforming HR in the Philippines: The Strategic Role of Headhunters

Last updated Feb 12, 2024
  • The HR function in the Philippines has evolved from traditional roles to a more strategic one, increasing demand for skilled HR leaders. 
  • Executive search firms, or headhunters, are crucial in this transformation, identifying top talent and aligning HR strategies with business goals. 
  • These firms, like Curran Daly and Associates, are shaping the future of HR in the Philippines, driving organizational growth and innovation through strategic talent placement.

The function of human resource (HR) in businesses has rapidly evolved in the Philippines, from being a traditional administrative role to a more strategic one.

HR leaders are now expected to contribute directly to overall business performance. This transformation has led to an immense demand for highly skilled talent. 

As a result, top executive search firms, also known as “headhunters”, have become instrumental in recruiting top talents who can drive organizational success.

Learn more about how headhunters shape human resource leadership in the Philippines below.

The Rising Prominence of HR

HR management in the Philippines has progressed remarkably— it is no longer siloed in recruitment or payroll. 

Today’s HR leaders are involved in culture building, change management, talent development, and data analytics. They partner with the C-suite to align people strategy with business strategy. This elevated position requires advanced capabilities in critical thinking, analytics, and empathy.

As multinational companies expand in the Philippines, the demand for strategic HR leaders has intensified. HR directors and VPs are now core members of the leadership team, especially in global or tech companies. 

Local conglomerates and emerging startups also invest heavily in strengthening their HR functions. This trend has initiated a competitive hunt for exceptional HR talent.

Headhunters Step In

The 2023 State of HR Report by Sprout Solutions emphasizes the substantial impact of headhunters on the HR landscape in the Philippines. 

HR professionals in the country are increasingly prioritizing the enhancement of the employee experience to foster engagement and retention, with a specific focus on attraction, onboarding, and employee development.

As a response to these evolving HR priorities, companies are turning to specialized recruitment firms such as Curran Daly + Associates to fill critical HR roles. 

These headhunters leverage extensive networks and expertise to identify high-caliber HR candidates discreetly and directly. They conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate leadership needs, map out essential competencies, and verify capabilities through interviews, personality tests, and reference checks. 

Ultimately, their approach aims to prepare top candidates for successful transitions into leadership positions, aligning with the HR landscape’s strategic focus on employee experience and development in the Philippines.

Shaping the HR Landscape in the Philippines

With the increasing demand of their expertise, executive search consultants are reshaping HR leadership in the country many ways:

1. Identify Top Talent

Headhunters are experts at finding top-tier talent for leadership roles, using their expertise and networks to ensure candidates have the required skill set and also fit the company’s culture and strategic vision.

2. Gives Industry Insights and Trends

They provide valuable insights into current HR trends, salary benchmarks, and industry standards in the Philippines, helping companies stay competitive in attracting and retaining the best leaders.

3. Tailor Recruitment Processes

Tailoring their search to find leaders who align with the company’s strategic goals and values ensures a higher likelihood of long-term success for both the organization and the employee.

4. Attract Top Diverse Talent

Headhunters scout potential leaders from a diverse pool locally and globally. By reaching a broader pool of candidates, headhunters can help companies in the Philippines improve diversity in leadership roles, bringing different perspectives and experiences to the table. This injects new perspectives into the HR landscape.

5. Reduce Hiring Risks

They lessen hiring risks by conducting thorough vetting and evaluation processes, ensuring candidates possess the necessary qualifications and leadership qualities.

6. Provide Training and Development

Headhunters benchmark clients against global standards, preparing HR heads to lead at higher levels. In addition to recruitment, some headhunters also provide leadership development and training services to enhance the skills and capabilities of HR leaders in the Philippines.

7. Tap Local and International Networks

For multinational companies or local companies expanding globally, headhunters tap into their international networks to find candidates with global experience and perspectives, crucial in today’s interconnected business world.

Final Thoughts

The HR landscape is changing, and headhunters are poised to be key influencers in this evolution. 

Companies are increasingly relying on headhunters to assemble exceptional HR teams, marking a significant shift toward driving substantial business value. 

Executive search firms are now playing a pivotal role in shaping the HR landscape in the Philippines, leveraging their expertise to identify and recruit top-tier talents capable of steering organizations toward success. Their deep understanding of industry trends, thorough assessment methods, and the ability to tap into diverse talent pools have made them invaluable in this era of strategic HR.

Looking ahead, the influence of headhunters is set to continue shaping the future of HR in the Philippines, positioning them as key players in driving organizational growth and innovation. 

The evolution of HR, facilitated by the strategic placement of skilled professionals, starts an exciting era where HR becomes a core driver of business value.
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By: Curran Daly + Associates


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