Tips for Finding C-Suite Level Jobs for the Busy Executive

Last updated Aug 28, 2022
  • C-level positions are the most influential in a company. With the C standing for “chief.”
  • A person in the C-Suite is usually responsible for supervising and managing a large number of employees and departments. As a result, executives must demonstrate exceptional leadership skills to fulfill their roles effectively.
  • During these challenging times, executives must play their cards right and navigate career opportunities that come their way effectively.
  • These are some notable executive positions that will help companies survive and thrive in 2022: CIO, CHRO, CSO, CCO
  • Learn some valuable tricks to get noticed by executive recruiters and the common executive job search mistakes to avoid in 2022.

It’s only natural for executives to aim for career progression. However, in 2022, aiming for the top executive-level job may come with a lot of competition.

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, companies face a wide range of challenges, including widespread labour shortages and high inflation rates.

As a result, budget decisions, including executive search and company recruitment, are tight. In fact, Los Angeles Times reported that 72% of chief executive officers are worried about losing their jobs in 2022 because of business disruptions, tracking closely with the 94% of bosses who say their corporate models need to be overhauled within three years.

During these challenging times, executives must play their cards right and navigate career opportunities that come their way effectively.


Executive Jobs: An Overview

Executive jobs are the most influential positions in a company. They’re also called C-level or have C-Suite titles, with the C standing for “chief.”

As one of the essential employees in the organization, executives who have C-level roles are usually the ones who will make strategic choices for the business, take high-risk actions, and ensure that its daily operations support the company’s primary objectives.

Here are some notable executive positions that will help companies survive and thrive in 2022:

·    Chief Information Officer

The roles of the Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer used to be interchangeable. However, these positions now have different roles and responsibilities. As the push for digital transformation accelerated over the past few years, the duties of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) also expanded. A CIO is primarily responsible for managing the company’s information technology workforce, including its IT assets from hardware to software. Today, a CIO’s role is becoming more targeted to finding the right kind of technology to help the company reach its full potential and support digital transition, including strategic planning for computer systems and the organization’s network.

·    Chief Human Resources Officer

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is the executive primarily responsible for handling the organization’s human capital. Their main role is to implement HR strategies that will drive the company’s overall business plan and strategic direction. This 2022, CHROs are taking the role of championship coaches who will help the organization amidst anticipated challenges and establish themselves as critical components for strategy and planning. In the aftermath of the Great Resignation of 2021, it is the responsibility of CHROs to develop strategies to retain the best talent.

·    Chief Security Officer

Amidst the unpredictability of the workplace with its constantly changing routines and regulations over the past few years, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) is in charge of the health and safety obligations of the organization. More than that, they are also primarily responsible for protecting their employees’ assets and information. In the age of digital transformation, the threat of hacking and data theft cannot be overlooked. CSOs oversee Internet security standards, data privacy, and risk management.

·    Chief Compliance Officer

The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is an essential member of the management team whose primary job is to monitor and ensure that the organization complies with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. CCOs are responsible for ensuring that the company submits the necessary paperwork and establishing committees and infrastructure to ensure compliance within the organization. They are also responsible for identifying, preventing, and detecting non-compliance programs with relevant laws and regulations.

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Tips to Get Noticed by Executive Recruiters

TIP 1: Be visible.

An executive’s greater professional visibility increases the odds of recruiters noticing you. They’ll also be more likely to recognize your name and return your calls and emails once you reach out to them. One of the most effective ways to get noticed and be identified is to have active dialogue in the industry.

If you haven’t done so already, it would be advisable to join and be active in professional associations. Even if they’re done virtually, attending industry conferences will also increase your visibility, especially if you’ve found ways to participate as a presenter or panelist. Anything that will put your name out there can help, so it will also help if you contribute to professional publications and websites.

TIP 2: Be an expert in your field.

While the cultural fit between a candidate and the potential employer is crucial in the recruitment decision, most executive search specialists look for subject matter experts with specific skills and experience, especially in the IT industry. If you are widely acknowledged as an expert or specialist in your field, you’ll have a higher chance of getting noticed.

TIP 3: Target the right recruiters.

Executive search firms like Curran Daly & Associates tend to have specializations to help provide greater reliability and accuracy when recommending candidates and enhance the quality and speed of service provided to clients and executive job seekers. It makes no sense to look for firms that do not recruit in your field since they may have fewer connections than you do. One of the best ways to develop a relationship with an executive search firm is to partner with them to recruit for you. If you have found an executive search firm that is in line with your industry, it would be advisable to make contact whenever you’re hiring. It would be best to keep in touch and invest in a long-term relationship with an executive search firm that you trust.

TIP 4: Network consistently.

While many people tend to talk about networking, there are only a few executives who are actually doing it. Networking among your peers in the industry is an effective opportunity to increase your chances of getting noticed. It would be advisable to stay in touch with talented and well-connected colleagues or take the opportunity to reach out to figureheads in the industry. As you get in touch, find a way to indicate that you’re open to exploring new opportunities for yourself.

TIP 5: Use social media to your advantage.

One of the easiest ways to get noticed is to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. This means that your profile photo should be current and try to portray yourself as a desirable and hirable professional. Most executive search specialists use various online tools as part of their long-list building search process. As such, a potential executive candidate needs to build a desirable LinkedIn profile to help them get noticed by executive search firms.


Executive Job Search Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

MISTAKE 1: You’re networking with the wrong crowd.

For executive-level candidates, it’s more than just the CV, but it’s also about making the proper connection that demonstrates your value in the industry. You can start by participating in a panel discussion with your alumni or industry association. You can even organize your own panel discussion yourself. This will allow you to talk to relevant stakeholders in the industry, and they’ll also be more receptive to getting back to you because you’re doing something constructive.

MISTAKE 2: Your resume is not updated.

Make sure that your professional profile highlights not only what you have done in your career but also what you are interested in doing more. If an executive like yourself wants to take on more leadership roles, then highlight your leadership experience and include that in your skillset. Executive search recruiters will notice if your online profile and skills are up to date. So be sure to keep your profile updated and stay on the current trends while engaging in conversations as one of the thought leaders in your industry.

MISTAKE 3: Your personal brand online is not updated.

Your personal brand as an executive highlights your strengths and shows who you are. Be sure to develop your personal brand by enhancing your skills as a problem solver or improving your communication skills by speaking at conferences. If you raise your personal brand in the industry, more people will become familiar with your name and expertise. When executive search specialists stumble upon your name, a good personal brand will help you stand out, build your network, and increase your chances of getting hired.

MISTAKE 4: You didn’t consider whether the job matches your skillsets.

As people settle into their careers, there’s less of a desire to venture out and adapt to a different culture and working environment. After working your way up the corporate ladder, you may find that paying attention to corporate culture is just an afterthought. However, the tight job market requires executive candidates to be more meticulous. Make sure to learn as much about the corporate culture of a potential company and see if your skillsets and temperament are a good fit.

MISTAKE 5: You didn’t give a good first impression during your interview.

Executive interviews are designed to include interview questions that will test your leadership ability, potential, and skills. Make sure that you showcase your strengths and have concrete stories that will support and demonstrate your leadership skills. Since this will not be the first time that you’ve been on a job search, you may have heard of these interview questions before, so have good responses ready. Don’t stumble along the way, and make sure that you remain honest and steadfast.


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