What makes a good leader in the new normal?

Last updated Jun 22, 2021
  • The new normal has brought significant changes to the way people do their work, especially when it comes to their physical and mental load.
  • Having a good leader can ensure the stability of a business as well as its employees.
  • A good leader in the new normal embodies qualities that would make employees feel more open, secure, and optimistic.

A lot of people did not anticipate the changes that the pandemic may bring to humanity in this day and age. From the way they interact to the way they conduct work, the new normal has truly set in and inscribed itself to all aspects of life.

The changes of the new normal extend to the way employees perceive their respective work environment. They now easily spot shortcomings that their companies may have. Alternatively, they may acknowledge people who have mostly lifted their spirits amidst these trying times. These people can be branded as good leaders as they exude qualities greatly needed in the new normal.

Qualities of a Good Leader

The best headhunters in the Philippines have identified the following qualities that would make someone a good leader in the new normal.


Nowadays, meetings and other necessary business activities are mostly done virtually. And even though working in the comfort of one’s home can be great for a lot of people, the difficulties that they need to overcome emotionally and mentally can still be stressful. Leaders who are considerate know the impact of these hardships, and that they would gladly check in on their employees if they are still in good condition physically and mentally. These leaders would likewise ensure that their employees can talk to them freely whenever necessary. Two-way communication, after all, is effective all the time.


What is distinctive about the new normal is that it maximizes technology as the primary means of communication and generation of output. However, this unique characteristic of the new normal can also be a threat to businesses that are not intended for virtual processes. Good leaders know this limitation, which is why it encourages them to be more flexible and adaptable to the changing times. They would often come up with quick, informed decisions that could resolve potential business issues in the long run. This quality can make employees feel more secure about their employment.


It is difficult to be optimistic during a pandemic. And as the new normal continues, more and more people are certainly having a hard time embracing all the changes associated with it. But as for good leaders, they certainly know that they must stay and remain optimistic all the time. Even though these are uncertain times, leaders should make their employees feel that they can still reach the end of this crisis. They must also give proper recognition to their employees, most specifically if they have done their jobs well. A little positivity can already inspire employees to continue working effectively.

Good leaders in the new normal can ensure that the companies will still thrive despite the threat of the pandemic. Under the management of good leaders, employees can feel more honest, secure, and optimistic towards their jobs and respective workloads.

By: Curran Daly + Associates


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