• For the fourth straight year, Information Technology (IT) ranks No. 1 on the list of the highest-paying jobs in 2017.
  • There has been a significant increase in the number of small-and-medium enterprises and provincial jobs.
  • Across all position levels and across the country, jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing industry thrives.

Earlier this year, job search portal JobStreet Philippines released its Annual Salary Report and Job Trends Initial Data.

This year, the report shows that employees in the IT industry remain the most well-compensated across all job levels for four years in a row.

“From the data we have gathered, we can really see the uptrend and upward mobility of professions as indicated by their respective industry’s increase in salary,” said Philip Gioca, Jobstreet Philippines country manager. “This also shows how current companies are expanding as they are more inclined to invest in their employees” Gioca adds.

Noticeable in the report is that trend towards an increasing number of jobs in provincial areas. Over the span of three years, provincial job opportunities have greatly increased. JobStreet explains this is because of the BPO industry growing across the country and dominating the job market.

“There is movement in the provinces now more than ever,” Gioca noted on the developments from foreign and local investments in the provinces, including SME (Small and Medium Enterprise).

“These investments are important, they have made municipalities into cities, and sleepy rural towns into commercial centers. And we have to thank the BPO industry makers for choosing the provinces, too, so that the focus is not on Manila anymore, but people in their own provinces focusing on themselves.”

JobStreet’s data is gathered from over 23,000 employers using the job board.


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