Why Phone Calls Are Important

Last updated Jun 22, 2021

Technology has made it easier for people to communicate, and businesses have these advantages whether through email, text messaging apps, or social media. Although phone calls are slower than its newer counterparts, and some people find it time-consuming and inefficient when having to take phone calls, this pandemic has made way for phone calls to have a comeback.

Phone calls have now become an opportunity rather than a burden – relationships are more than just email exchanges; they thrive better through phone calls as it creates a connection other media may not have. Discussing over the phone helps you hear their uncertainties through the rambling and stuttering, what they are passionate about, their resolve when changing pitch and tone, and the silence in between.


  • Direct and personal

Phone calls are the best way to get a personal response for a quick discussion instead of meeting face-to-face. Unlike emails and messages, phone calls have a vocal backup without restrictions and will get you straight to the point of discussion. Also keep in mind that time is of the essence, busy businessmen won’t even have a chance to look at their emails until they are about to go home so taking a quick call would be more beneficial.


  • Communication is not just words

Based on a classical article in communication theory, “Inference of Attitudes from Nonverbal Communication in Two Channels,” three components of effective communication were named: 55% accounts for on body language in communication, 38% for tone of voice, and just 7% for spoken words – which is still widely accepted today as a basis for effective communication.

Talking over the phone gives you the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of communicating – the tone you use gives emotion and dimensions to the words you speak unlike messaging and emails that only relies on the interpretation of the receiver.


  • Importance of interactive communication

In general, communication brings people together. Teleconferencing, Zoom calls, and the likes give an organization the opportunity to bond with their team without the hassle of travelling and meeting in facilities, especially staying connected during these times.


How to Master Talking on the Phone


  • Phone Calls Can Make You Judgmental

Think of it this way: since the person on the other line can’t see you, they will be judging you by how you speak – how confident you are, your diction, professionalism, tone, gravitas, etc. Be careful of how you carry yourself during phone discussions because as they say, first impressions last.


  • You’re Responsible If You Initiated the Call

Hosting a call has great responsibilities as the expectations for you are high. Falling short would make them doubt your sincerity on the discussion. It is always good to be prepared more than you should be and to expect some possible errors like internet connection, signal, call quality, etc. Because at the end of the day, it will always be the fault of the one who organized the call.


  • Think Like an Executive

Do not think of phone calls as unimportant, you need to think of them as a meeting conducted over the phone. Having this mindset will help you have the right executive presence – you must speak with confidence and life as this will be your only weapon since they can’t see you. Take the call as an opportunity to build a good relationship with the client and to win them over.


Final Thoughts

Staying honest and fair to ourselves is key to success in doing remote work. With much luck, social distancing can prove itself to be effective. Once this happens, we can all go back to our daily routines sooner than later.

Working from home offers many benefits and conveniences, but it may also mean not leaving home for several days at a time. Minimal social interaction can affect people and how they perform.

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By: Curran Daly + Associates


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