Executive Headhunter Curran Daly + Associates sponsors the Innovation Award at AusCham’s 2019 Australian Business Awards in HCMC Vietnam

Mar 29, 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The Australian Chamber of Commerce held its 2019 Australian Business Awards 8th of March 2019 at Park Hyatt Saigon, HCMC. This event aims to recognize top Australian businesses and individuals operating in Vietnam.

Curran Daly + Associates, Inc. (CD+A), an executive headhunter in Vietnam, joined the Australian/Vietnam business community and was one of the award sponsors of the event. CD+A was represented by Directors Geoff Curran and Kevin Fitzgerald.

Managing Director for Vietnam and Australia, Geoff Curran, had the honor of announcing the finalists for the Innovation Award. “We’re delighted to be able to sponsor the Innovation award,” Curran said. “From our point of view as an Executive Search Firm, we know that innovation is powerful in terms of the ability to sell a story or send a message to people, particularly where it’s really hard to find people – when candidates see an innovative and progressive company, they want to be a part of that, they want to be associated with them,” he added.

“It is important to CD+A because we see ourselves as being innovative in terms of our expansion into Vietnam; we believe the Vietnamese economy is regarded by many people not just inside Vietnam but elsewhere throughout the world as an economy that’s really going ahead from strength to strength. CD+A recognized that and made the strategic decision to establish a business here in 2018.”

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Together with Geoff Curran in HCMC for the Business Awards and there to meet with clients, Director of Search for Southeast Asia, Kevin Fitzgerald, shared his views: “Vietnam will continue to offer many new and exciting career opportunities, as more foreign companies establish their operations here. CD+A is well positioned to be a link between expanding businesses and top notch senior talent who are seeking new opportunities in an emerging market like Vietnam. They are attracted by the commercial activity and the family-friendly environment that exists.”

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with offices in the Makati City, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Australia, CD+A provide solutions that are relevant and timely, with headhunting service coverage of Talent Sourcing to Contract Signing.

For Geoff Daly, Managing Director for Vietnam and Philippines, “CD+A has identified Vietnam as a key market in SEA. With the ongoing trade challenges between US and China, many new opportunities are presenting themselves in Vietnam.”

“Many of our global clients recognize the massive market potential of Vietnam’s young, educated workforce and are considering their options in regards to establishing operations in Vietnam,” Daly added. “As CD+A was established in Vietnam in 2018, we are able to assist new and established businesses attract senior talent.”

“We are committed to help global companies match the right person to the right role, in the most efficient timeframe possible,” says Daly. “Our intent is to provide quality output within a short turnaround time, and maintain the trust of our global partners as well as our candidates.”

Curran, Daly, and Fitzgerald are grateful for opportunities like the Australian Business Awards as they showcase business success stories.

As announced during the event, the winners for each category are as follows:

  1. The Award for Best Consumer Brand sponsored by CPA Australia: RMIT
  2. The Award for Best Emerging Business sponsored by Asia Counsel: Tien Thin
  3. The Award for Corporate Social Responsibility sponsored by Australian Government (DFAT) : Banyan Tree
  4. The Award for Innovation sponsored by Curran Daly + Associates, Inc.: Midway Metals
  5. The Award for Business Excellence sponsored by Mavin Group: Norfolk Group



Curran Daly + Associates is an Executive Search Firm based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with other offices in Manila, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Sydney Australia. Their services extend from sourcing through to contract signing for senior management and specialist roles in such categories as Finance, Senior Operations, HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, and Analytics.

By: Curran Daly + Associates


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