Remuneration Market Update, IT and Analytics Jobs, October 2020

Last updated Jul 27, 2022

Curran Daly has just released its latest Remuneration Market Update for IT and Analytics Jobs. If you are a hiring manager and would like to have a comprehensive, up to the minute view of market rates for IT professionals at all levels of experience, please contact [email protected] to receive your exclusive copy.

In these challenging times, the IT workforce is resilient as ever. Demand for IT and Analytics talent is improving following a slowdown and hiring pause in the March – June period.  Some key research highlights that we can share include:

Salary levels have remained unchanged from pre COVID.

There is increased emphasis by job seekers in securing a position with an organization offering stability and job security.

Some job seekers will only consider another opportunity if they can be granted work from home, so as to reduce the health risk for themselves and their family.

In summary, we advise Hiring Managers that top IT talent is still in strong demand and in this current climate, can be more cautious when considering other opportunities. Hence it is important to ensure that the remuneration you offer to new hires is competitive in the market.

By: Curran Daly + Associates


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